Friday, October 25, 2013

Been years.

To anyone that might have already found this out, we have changed our name to Bastard Feast. Follow us on facebook here.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fall tour 2011

Here is a rough outline of our upcoming fall tour.. things will most likely get switched around by the time its all booked.. Let us know if you can help out on any dates
Oct 7th Boise

8th Salt lake city

9th Cheyenne

10th Denver

11th Pueblo

12th Kansas city

13th omaha

14th milwaukee

15th chicago

16th Indianapolis

17th Day off or Detroit

18th Cleveland

19th Pittsburgh

20th New york

21st boston

22nd Portland Maine

23rd Providence

24th New York

25th Philly day off

26th Harrisonburg

27th Richmond

28th N carolina

29th S carolina

30th Atlanta

31st Savannah

November 1st Tampa

2nd Tallahassee

3rd New Orleans

4th Baton Rouge

5th Dallas

6th Austin

7th San antonio

8th day off

9th Las Cruces NM

10th Albuquerque

11th Phoenix

12th Flagstaff

13th City of Angels

14th Oakland

15th Arcata

Saturday, June 18, 2011

We have received some early reviews of the album. check em out!

Also starting to route our next tour which we're going to aim to start booking soon and have commence at the beginning of October. Record comes out this week! and we'll be @ the alleyway next Saturday for the record release show.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Album comes out the 20th of june in europe and the 21st in the US. We'll be playing an album release show here in portland most likely on the 25th. We're also playing September 9th w/ Pig destroyer and a Storm of Light @ Hawthorne Theatre. Get fucked.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Yes we have posted a track from the split w/transient out on Relapse Records.. check out the song and come to a show and buy it from us! .. They turned out awesome. We are also planning a mini tour for june just here on the west coast to promote our album release for Fear in a Handful of Dust which will be coming out on Season Of Mist. The band is enjoying a bit of downtime and nursing our wounds after our busy winter tour schedule we have had. We're also excited to start writing for our next releases and debut our Lot Lizard of a bass player on some tracks. Thanks again to any and everyone that has helped us out through this busy time and nothing you do goes unnoticed. We have a show w/ Fuck the Facts and Kenmode April 27th at Rotture.. come out and support!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Just got back from tour with Transient.. total blast with those guys and gals. Thanks to everyone that helped out or put us up or gave us booze and drugs, you people are the reason we survive. Anyone that saw us noticed we have a new bass player.. yes we did part ways with joel.. out of respect for the dude i wont get into it. But we are extremely excited to welcome our new bass player Justin to the circus. He is the perfect addition to the band and are ready to see what he will add when we start writing our next record. We'll be updating more bullshit soon! - Taylor/Elitist

Friday, February 11, 2011

Split w/ Transient now available

You'll be able to buy the record at the relapse online store, as well from us on the road. Our tour kickoff is tonight at 6710 n Interstate w/ transient and ripper .. Come get fucked up with us cause we're leaving again for tour in 5 days. Drink up.