Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hey Followers,

Soo as tour approaches within the next week we decided to put up a new song from our upcoming tape "The Hotel E.P." its self recorded soo its not the same quality as our former releases but just as fucking brutal.. we decided to go with a lo fi recording for once since the majority have been very produced. Most of our tour has come together quite nicely and if theres any dates anyone can help with its much appreciated since we still have 2 missing dates. But yeah we got a 2007 van and are all in good spirits to take the fucker out.. We will also be taking our good buddy Chuck Watkins out with us of former in-fame of playing with sub arachnoid space and is now playing in MOTHS featuring our very own joel... anyways yes very excited for this tour and we will have new merch and will be in high need of high grade marijuana. -Taylor