Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fall tour 2011

Here is a rough outline of our upcoming fall tour.. things will most likely get switched around by the time its all booked.. Let us know if you can help out on any dates
Oct 7th Boise

8th Salt lake city

9th Cheyenne

10th Denver

11th Pueblo

12th Kansas city

13th omaha

14th milwaukee

15th chicago

16th Indianapolis

17th Day off or Detroit

18th Cleveland

19th Pittsburgh

20th New york

21st boston

22nd Portland Maine

23rd Providence

24th New York

25th Philly day off

26th Harrisonburg

27th Richmond

28th N carolina

29th S carolina

30th Atlanta

31st Savannah

November 1st Tampa

2nd Tallahassee

3rd New Orleans

4th Baton Rouge

5th Dallas

6th Austin

7th San antonio

8th day off

9th Las Cruces NM

10th Albuquerque

11th Phoenix

12th Flagstaff

13th City of Angels

14th Oakland

15th Arcata