Friday, July 16, 2010


We've just posted a 33 day long tour that we're starting to book now. Its our first full U.S. tour and we're pretty stoked to be doing a portion of the dates with our buddies Iron Horse ( Heavy Loud Brutal. We finally have sealed the deal that we have a split coming out with Transient on a surprise label that we're all pretty ecstatic about. And we're still wheeling and dealing for the full length and we'll update on that very soon as well. In addition to touring with Iron Horse we'll be doing a split with the fuckers. We'll be entering our writing dungeon soon enough to finish up the split for Iron Horse and be prepping for tour. I won't forget to mention that we also have dates with The Funeral Pyre and Early Graves coming up along with a date with Venomous Concept and Kill The Client in September.. Fuck ya, Smoke Weed, Do Drugs, Bang your fucking head.