Thursday, April 1, 2010


We're starting the planning of a two week tour through out the north/midwest area ...its spanning from june 1st - june 14th..

aside from that we will be releasing on TAPE ONLY our first recording ever which has the first elitist song ever written and two that we re-recorded for the e.p. they feature our original bass player (Charlie Fisher) and original drummer (Brent Webber). Also in the works is a 7" that we're gearing up to self record with our pure revisionist Dustin Ferris. We're excited to be in full control of what the recording will sound like and for it to be recorded straight at the source of evil in our cavernous practice space...but yes for any tape geeks this too will be getting released onto tape all thanks to AMPUTAPE (, and will be released on vinyl by Midnight Sea Records..

we're all getting excited to get our shit in gear and release all the fucking music we can. All four of us can agree that the writing and recording process is our favorite aspect of playing in elitist. ATTN: ARTISTS-we are in need of art, not that we will take just anything that is handed to us, but it would fucking be awesome to compliment our creativity with that of our i'll end this...any help with art and tour dates right now would be awesome- thank you -Taylor/Elitist

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