Sunday, November 29, 2009

New And New...

Soooooo..... We are entering the studio Dec 10th with Stephan at Interlace .. we're all very excited about this being that he has gear we can partake upon, and that over the last 6 months we have gone through amp hell and still haven't quite recovered.. we've also written quite a few new songs since our last show and are still in the process of writing more and despite the fact that Nick has gone on multiple vacations in this time. And I think we have all agreed that our full length will be tentatively called Osculum Infame which is the ritual that witchs do to be introduced into satans cult. We are as of right now in the middle of putting together a spring two week tour which might push us for some longer drives and actually trying to get out of typical area as much possible on this next tour and hit up some places Elitist has not yet been too. As we are also in need of our own vehicle to start touring which will become priority for us, if you saw us on our last tour the bus was pretty fuckin ridiculous! And as far as the release of the full length not exactly sure of who will release but we know for sure that the transient split will be coming out on Paradigms as Duncan has been a pretty a awesome dude to us all. Also Our SELF TITLED EP is available online at various blogspots just for your knowledge.. which if you go to Google and type in any band you wish and blogspot at the end of it (elitist ep blogspot) you can find their releases .. and we still have shirts and actual cds for sale at paradigms and on our myspace.. hit us up if you are interested because that money that we make off selling this shit is what makes our band able to continue to play as that we are all already wrapped into paying so much for Elitist to continue.. thanks we'll have some post from us into the studio soon as well..-taylor

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  1. Are you guys still planning on straying away from Arizona just due to what happened back in September? Hope not.

    Bobby in Flagstaff.