Monday, December 21, 2009


as of last monday we finished recording for a full length at interlace studio with Stephan Hawkes.. we only have heard the ruffs which already have gotten us very excited we can't wait for it to be finished, oh yeah being that our friends in transient have once again decided delaying doing a split with us we have just recorded 12 songs for this now full length. I believe we are moving ahead and have some potential bands we have discussed doing a split with and will probably work towards those in the spring. Amp Hell is still among us, but hopefully we can see the end of it soon. As of write now we are out two Ampeg V4's (one just needs new preamps and other needs new caps) one SVT Classic that we aren't even sure now after talking to Doug At Stephans Studio if the SVT can even be fixed but we'll see. Our 8x10 needs two new speakers and both my les paul and fernandes need tune ups and love.. fuck me... anyone that knows about amps knows that this all cost sooo god damn much money and is fucking hard to come up with when have to pay for recordings and merch and van repairs and dopesmoke.. as soon as we get the final back from Stephan we will post it and you guys can smoke weed and listen to it..

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