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Elitist - Elitist (Mini-CD)
Paradigms Recordings
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Elitist - ElitistRichard G.: Elitist are from Portland, Oregon and Elitist are hard. Uncompromisingly hard even. Their self titled debut EP contains an unbelievable, absolutely crushing mixture of noise, sludge, doom, black and grind.

Five songs and fifteen minutes of thundering basses versus feedbacking guitars and ripping vocals. From painfully slow via raunchily rocking and seething fast: this is fucking relentless, Trap Them style. You need to hear this to believe it. This is the sheer definition of utter intensity. I’m ready for that full-length guys! Please note: Elitist is only available through their label Paradigm’s webshop.

We had a review of our E.P. done by an online German metal magazine, the link is posted below but it's in German so hopefully you can find a better translation site than I could if you don't speak German.

From Rock Sound-Issue #129
Review by Kevin Stewart-Panko (7 OUT OF 10)

Remember the screeching scree that opens Venom's "Black Metal?" Well, there's something awfully familiar kick-starting the debut E.P. from this bravely monikered Portland band. Once the grinder finishes doing it's rape dance on your ears, this loud, alcohol-infused and pill-addled quartet start up with vocals from the pit of a sword-swallowers pin cushion stomach lining, guitars that are equal parts jumpy punk and searing black metal and a napalm sling-shot bass tone. There are a few too many moments where Elitist seem a little directionless and need an arrangement tightening or four, but if delivering uncouth, gob-in-the-face, blackened punk noise was the goal, they've done an awesome job.

From Terrorizer-Issue #190
From the "Choice Cuts" Section

There's a recognizable strand of hardcore behind the crust-laden, dirge-afflicted aural violence of Portland, Oregon's Elitist, though that's news to them. "We've never been pegged as such before and none of us would use that term to describe what we're doing," muses bassist Joel Graham, "but we all have definitely been influenced by hardcore and it's probably more evident in our music than we realize. We actually did play one hardcore fest right after me and Nick (Parks, Drums) joined the band and to be honest most of the people there looked rather confused." Their self-titled debut E.P. on London's Paradigms is to be followed by a split with neighborhood grinders Transient later this year with yet more to follow. (Write-up by James Hoare)

E.P. Review by Noel Gardner (7 out of 10)

These guys are pretty new in the game, having been active for about three years (don't know where the fuck they got that, it's been a year) in Portland, a capital of sorts for vicious crusty hardcore. Not that that description sums up more than a part of Elitist's sonic make-up-on this evidence, the quartet could sneak onto bills of doom, BM and powerviolence without being too much of a sore thumb. Those late '90s bands who baked thier sludge in a speed crust-Iron Monkey and Grief, most notably-seem to be a touchstone of this thirteen-minute disc of searing, occasionally angular fire-spitting. "Tidal Influence" might have a "post-metal" title but pinches multiple nerves thanks to Nick Parks' gnarly drum rolls and an uncomfortably dragging, feedback-slaked midsection. "Determinism" uncoils things to greater, slower extremes with body blows worthy of, say, Thorr's Hammer, and in general one could probably direct fans of Converge's nastier moments to "Elitist".

We also did an hour long phone interview for Close Up Magazine from Sweeden (, which is out in the December issuel. Again, you'll have to figure out the translation if you don't speak Sweedish because all the online programs I found don't translate syntax so it ends up being nonsensical...
(if you find a good one, please let us know!)

<3 Elitist

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