Monday, January 25, 2010

We got home yesterday from the week we spent with the_network dudes who are some of the funniest fuckers we've met.. fucking righteous times, I believe we can all say that we needed that. Thanks to everyone that came out and made those shows worth it..tacoma was a blast and black breath fucking killed that show. Portland hah as soon as Joel and I woke up it was constant turmoil on figuring out if the show would in fact be at the boneyard (which finally came through) but in the mean time we had to book it at the know incase of a fall through.. show was great people filtered in more towards the end but it was still a good time, olympia was awesome playing out in the middle of the woods to some college kids and seattle was probably the best seattle show we've played ..we've had little luck in seattle but smash fuckin made sure we got taken care of ..shes a fuckin gem.. thanks to her and ryan for letting us stay and be sick, drink beer and smoke bowls. Fun times, we're open to booking some shit very soon soo hit us up and if we give a fuck about your band you will hear back ..and if you dont hear back ...well there's a hundred shitty bands in portland you can hit up as well. check out backwards pumpkin photography he has siqq pics of the_network and us and many other bands ..

p.s. if you saw the drunk asshole that was tall and scrawny named uncle len len ..then you saw your lord and savior ...more shows to come



  1. All Hail uncle len len lord and savior!

    Thanks again dudes, so much fucking fun!!!!